GEMS Awareness Day – Direct Marketing

13 November 2017

A direct marketing campaign to drive awareness leading up to a cornerstone event…

GEMS Education’s annual open day conference sees the induction of more than 1,700 new teachers into the organisation. 2017 is the second consecutive year in which we have supported the event’s organisers, TELLAL, with signage, booths and stands, and printed event collateral.

This year saw our role expanding into direct marketing. Our task was to build momentum, impart essential information, grow awareness and drive app downloads leading up to the event. Social media, TELLAL’s website and a countdown email campaign formed a core channels for the direct marketing campaign. Content-wise we had a rich source of videos and bios from the presenters, plus plentiful information about the event itself, however, to add a more personable and relatable dimension, we also launched a teacher vlog which featured heavily across all channels.

  • GEMS Awareness Day – Direct Marketing